Attorney Malpractice Insurance for New Jersey

Legal liability insurance – also known as New Jersey attorney malpractice insurance provides necessary insurance coverage for negligence claims made against a lawyer.

When looking into attorney malpractice insurance, New Jersey clients should be aware that typically, policies are written on a “Claims Made” basis; meaning that as your trusted insurance agency, we have agreed to cover claims that are made against you, as a lawyer, during the term of your legal liability insurance policy.

New Jersey attorney malpractice insurance policies typically limit the amount that the insurance company can be required to pay, on each claim, as well as the total amount that the insurance company can be required to pay on all claims made against the lawyer during the term of your legal liability policy. The maximum amount of coverage provided by malpractice insurance coverage is referred to as the “limits” of the policy.

How do I know if I need attorney malpractice insurance in New Jersey?

Well, with a career that greatly depends upon your reputation and integrity—are you willing to allow your professional livelihood to remain at risk? What makes New Jersey attorney malpractice insurance so crucial is the simple fact that it protects individual lawyers against financial ruin in the event of an unfavorable malpractice judgment. Lawyers are personally accountable for their mistakes—professional corporations and limited liability partnerships do not protect you in the event of a malpractice suit.

As a lawyer practicing in New Jersey, the decision is an easy one—if you need legal liability coverage then you need AC Marmo And Sons!

At AC Marmo And Sons we take the time to accurately evaluate your liability needs. There is no one-policy-fits-all formula here; we work with you directly to determine the most appropriate coverage limits for your legal practice.

Contact AC Marmo And Sons right now to learn more about our options for attorney malpractice insurance; New Jersey lawyers can even receive your free coverage quote today! Let us help you begin to better protect your reputation and livelihood.