New Jersey Umbrella Liability Insurance

At AC Marmo And Sons we understand that owning a business in the legal field is a tremendous responsibility—and typically the larger the business the more you are responsible for; making your New Jersey business insurance needs all the more critical.

As a business owner, you worry about the future of your company, your reputation and your overall success. In addition to making sure the company is growing; you must also plan for unfortunate mistakes or accidents that could potentially devastate your business. The best way to deal with an unsatisfied customer or a potential lawsuit is through New Jersey umbrella liability insurance.

A business owner will usually buy excess liability insurance to cover two main areas. This enhanced liability coverage can protect routine, premises liability as well as handle liability issues that are related to the actions a business performs offsite, away from its property—actions that may address professional obligations it owes to others while providing goods or services. Most often, a business that employs vehicles, mobile equipment, watercraft and/or aircraft must heavily consider heightened liability protection for those particular exposures.

New Jersey umbrella liability insurance will cover your business from catastrophic issues that threaten its security. An excess liability insurance policy acts as an umbrella to your basic liability insurance. This type of coverage kicks in when a claim is made against you that exceeds the amount of your existing general liability. Enhanced New Jersey business insurance such as – excess liability insurance – provides a safety net when your other business coverages have been exhausted.

Your basic insurance policies are still essential for your business’s survival. They offer your company a blanket of security with so many risks and dangers working toward bringing you down—but unfortunately, these coverage options will only you cover you to a certain extent.

Give your business the coverage it needs with New Jersey business insurance from AC Marmo And Sons. Contact us right now for more information or fill out the free, no obligation New Jersey umbrella liability insurance form to receive a quote!