With back to school in full swing across the Garden State, all the toddlers and preschoolers will have free rein over the local playgrounds.  Parents will be taking advantage of the cooler weather and lack of older kids to enjoy some swing and slide time with their little ones.  But before you pack up the juice boxes and snacks for your adventure to the playground with your youngster, think about playground safety.

Check the playground equipment before you allow your little ones to start climbing.  You want to make sure there are no sharp rusty edges, missing safety features or any broken parts that could cause an accident.  If you happen to find anything that looks like it needs to be fixed, be sure to report it through the proper channels.

Make sure the playground you will be visiting is age appropriate for your young child.  Most newer playgrounds have signs posted indicating what age range is recommended for playing on the equipment.  If there are no signs, be sure you stay with your child to make sure he can master the equipment safely.  If it looks like it may be a bit much for him, you may want to try another playground.

You may wonder if your health insurance will cover accidents that happen at the playground.  There should not be any reason why it wouldn’t, but it never hurts to review your policy whenever you have any concerns.  If you have any questions or concerns about going to the playground and how it could affect your health insurance, give us a call.  We can certainly help clear up any thoughts you may have about your insurance and help make your visit to the playground a much more enjoyable one. We want you to get out there and enjoy these beautiful days with your children!