In an exclusive interview with Practicomm, top insurance agency professional, Bob Marmo, provides valuable answers to controversial insurance issues.

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In an exclusive interview with Practicomm, professional Ray Viola provides valuable answers to controversial insurance issues… Read more

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The #MeToo Movement – has made people more sensitive to the prevalence of sexual harassment and other wrongful acts in the workplace. If an incident occurs at your place of business – it will quickly turn into a legal action against you. Read more

When it comes to deductibles on your homeowner’s insurance policy, you can basically set them to the amount that suits you and your family. Some people choose a larger deductible to lower their premium each year. The amount you set is completely up to you as long as it falls within the policy parameters. However, there is one occurrence that could change your policy deductible regardless of what limits you set: A hurricane. Read more

You may not want to hear this (especially if you are currently on vacation or enjoying some sort of summer-y activity) but it is almost Back to School time. Yes, September is only a couple weeks away and New Jersey kids will be heading back to spend some time with their teachers once again. It also means school buses will be out in full force again, too. It’s time to brush up on some school bus safety. Read more

Road trips are the quintessential vacation for people. They are less expensive than flying to a destination and allow for a better chance to see the country as you drive from destination to destination. It’s a chance for bonding, laughing, and making of memories. With a little bit of planning, many of the pitfalls of road trips can be avoided. Read more

Even the smallest business will find that it has to deal with HR issues as soon as the first employee is hired. Managing employees entails a wide variety of legally sensitive matters that can cause lawsuits if not properly handled. Small business owners often find the most cost-effective way of dealing with these issues is to outsource them to a company with experience in all facets of HR. Read more

Whether you are new to the rental business or you have been renting out homes for years, you always want to follow some steps before allowing new tenants to move in. Your rental property should be a place that you would want to move into yourself if you needed to. Be sure to take good care to insure that your tenants will be safe and happy in their new home. Read more